Deckchairs, 2018, wooden deckchairs with fabric slings, dimensions variable.

Building upon the history of Watchet, the small harbour town where this work was originally shown, this collection of traditional wooden deckchairs references the seafront before the marina was built. Returning this space to its origins as a beach, visitors are free to rearrange the deckchairs for their own needs, relying on the trust and sense of community within the town. Participants are free to use the social space they create as they wish, potentially becoming a relaxed waiting area or meeting place for further activities to happen.

Commenting on the current state of healthcare for transgender people in the UK, this act of rearranging the deckchairs plays on the commonly used phrase ‘to rearrange the deckchairs on the titanic’, in which someone tries to futilely reform the way things are done in a failing system. The phrase is also used to mean that things have only changed apparently, commenting on the apparent acceptance of transgender people by wider society.


This work was commissioned by Contains Art, Somerset, as part of their 2018-2019 exhibition season.