I Can't discuss individual waiting times

I Can’t Discuss Individual Waiting Times, 2018, screen-printed flock on aluminium, H594 x W420mm.

Candyfloss is commonly associated with carnivals and fairgrounds, but for Dylan Fox it is also representative of the seaside. Even as an adult trips to the coast are not complete without a walk along the pier to a confectionary kiosk for this essential treat.

This desirability inspired an earlier participatory work, Candyfloss, 2017, where participants could queue up in the gallery, take a numbered ticket and await their turn for free candyfloss. The waiting times varied, sometimes seeming unnecessary and unfair, drawing parallels with the accessibility of transgender healthcare through the NHS. When asked any question about how long participants would have to wait, the kiosk attendant would reply ‘I can’t discuss individual waiting times’, referencing similar conversations between Fox and NHS transgender specialists. The result of this answer for participants, and the result of these conversations for Fox, were equally frustrating and vague.