My Brothers Towel

My Brothers Towel, 2018, cotton towel, H1240 x W960mm.

This towel once belonged to the artist’s brother, and was used during his swimming lessons when he was younger. When his brother moved out of the family home, the towel was left behind, and later came in to Fox’s possession. Since then it has been used, amongst other things, as a beach and holiday towel, but it also represents this period of early childhood for the two brothers growing up.

Looking back, Fox remembers his own swimming lessons to be traumatic and uncomfortable, being denied the same swimwear as his brother and changing in open changing rooms. In hindsight, Fox considers these to be early experiences of gender dysphoria. In contrast to the patches sewn on to this towel, Fox was never allowed to sew on any of his own patches, which to him seemed like another reminder of their differences growing up. Now these patches, originally his brother’s trophies, belong to him, and represent his acceptance into the spaces he was once denied. The subtle reference to queer culture in the flag like display of this work also pays tribute to the acceptance he has since found within the transgender community.

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