Postcards from Florida, 2016, projection, dimensions variable.

In its current installation, this work features a set of 14 postcards projected on to the gallery wall, which were originally sent by the artist during his stay in Hollywood, Florida for ‘Top Surgery’ in March 2016.  All 14 postcards were found in various shops along the beach front, and depict exaggerated ideas of Floridian holidays in the sunshine. In contrast, on the back of each postcard is a short account of each day’s activities for the duration of two weeks, detailing the emotional struggles of the artist as he prepares, undergoes and recovers from major surgery. Both sides of each postcard are projected simultaneously, in the order of the events as they happened, highlighting the contrast between people’s expectations of holiday postcards and the reality of this specific set. By displaying the postcards in this way, rather than presenting the physical objects, the work slowly reveals itself over a period of time.