Rock Shop, 2018, replenishable sticks of rock, dimensions variable.

Sticks of rock were possibly one the most iconic British seaside souvenirs during the 1950’s, when tourists to the coast were looking for low cost gifts to take back home. Major destinations, such as Blackpool and Brighton, became famous for their pink peppermint rock, promoting local attractions on the printed labels and the name of the town through the centre of each stick. These locally branded designs are still available in traditional rock and souvenir shops with the resort branding, accompanied by novelty slogan sticks of rock.

Rock Shop combines the traditional candyfloss pink colour with a rhubarb and custard flavour, giving these sticks of rock the nostalgic sense of seaside sweetshops that Fox remembers from family holidays. Utilising the advertising aspect of these products, wrapped around each stick is a text-based print, intended to be kept as a souvenir or passed on as a gift. This print carries the slogan ‘Too Queer For Your Binary’, celebrating how queerness has become adopted by some as an identity, and rejecting normative binary tropes. Through the dissemination of these prints it is hoped that more conversations begin to happen that break down these outdated concepts.